Prayer circle for Jennifer Lawrence and the shitstorm she’s gonna get because of her nudes being leaked poor bb


"Fan meet up!!"


if you commented that “kerry is fat” or “ew look at kerry” on the achievement hunter ice bucket challenge, i will come to your house in the middle of the night and pee on everything you love

Get to Know: Barbara Dunkelman.

so ok mary lambert


  • is overweight. not “a little heavy” or “curvy in all the right places”, she is overweight and she owns it.
  • is gay, and from her first public exposure has been open about this
  • has bipolar disorder
  • is one of the coolest lyricists right now
  • has this song which is way more feel good than “all about the bass” or “shake it off” 
  • is super cute
  • image
  • mary lambert


joan rivers is a crusty racist old white who has made fun of domestic abuse and who said that the Palestinians deserve to be wiped out. i am not about to feel sorry for her just because satan is calling her home. let her gag 


rt meme | favorite male rt member ;

burnie burns